Winters in Boston and throughout Massachusetts can be frigid, with bitter stretches of subzero temperatures. This is the perfect scenario for freeze-ups and burst pipes across the Bay State. When water pipes burst, the damage to buildings and property can be detrimental, not to mention the losses from interruption of business or family life while you wait for your insurance company to cover damaged equipment and costly repairs.

Most insurances plan for commercial or residential property claims to cover damage caused by a freeze-ups, however retrieving compensation can be an ordeal. If an insurance company tries to give you the runaround and deny your claim based on a technicality you’ll need to hire an experienced property damage or premise liability attorney. The team at the Law Offices of William T. Kennedy has decades of experience and technology to thoroughly investigate your damage and gather evidence to prove the validity of your claim with the end result of securing compensation needed to be back home or in business as quickly as possible.

Damages form a freeze-up can include:

  • Stagnant water
  • Flooding
  • Structural damage
  • Damaged flooring,
  • Damaged walls
  • Eroded foundation
  • Electrical shortages
  • Damaged equipment

If you’ve had a burst pipe or any other type of freeze-up and are battling with the insurance company for compensation, contact The Law Offices of William T. Kennedy today.

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